“Be an Entrepreneur”

By Mehdi Zaidi


On 13th Jan 2017, a memorandum has been signed between ARY and Karachi University signed by Chairman ARY Mr. Muhammad Iqbal and Vice Chancellor of Karachi University Mr. Muhammad Qaiser.

The vision of “Be an Entrepreneur” is to provide an opportunity of self-empowerment to the students for financial support and to break the barriers of class difference between within the society as well as to eliminate the perception Auto Rickshaw drivers as being inferior to other members of the society and to make this profession noble, trustworthy and a great experience for clients availing it as a mode of transport for travelling purpose. Through a regular interaction between clients and service providers, it will help students to get a better understanding of human psychology, enhance communication skills better understanding of the dynamics of the city.

Fear and ego are the biggest factors which stand between the idea of availing professions which are regarded in society as being unrespectable and as a result in most cases, the clients ended up getting a second class or poor customer services.

To enhance better customer services and to break the chains of self-consciousness and ego, this endeavor will be a great contribution in providing a great traveling experience to masses.

Now it’s a call to those who wants to be a part of this ideology.

“Be an Entrepreneur” is highly motivated and anticipating a lot of positive minded individuals to join them in this effort of spreading “Empowerment”.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” (Socrates)


Author Spotlight

Mehdi Zaidi is Manager Logistics ARY Services and a member of the leading team of "Be an Entrepreneur" under "ARY Sahulat say Chalo".